Reopening Children’s Ministry!

Hello Riverwood Kids and Families!


     I am so pleased to announce that Sunday, September 13th, Riverwood’s Children’s Ministry is officially reopening!   We will be offering Nursery (Birth-2 yrs), Pre-K (3 yrs-5 yrs) as well as K-5th grade during our Sunday morning service


      Since we are holding our services out of doors (with our new start time of 10am) for the foreseeable future, here is a brief explanation of our plan for children’s ministry this fall.  🙂 


      Even though our main church service will be held outside, our nursery and Pre-K classes will be held just inside the building, in the same first two classrooms on the left when you first enter the front doors of the church.  Our trusted volunteers have all been screened, with background checks on file, as always.  We will have “touch free” check-in for these classes opening 10 minutes before service starts.  We also will be taking quick, “touch free” temperatures of each volunteer and child prior to them entering our nursery and Pre-K classes.  Our volunteers will be wearing face masks in order to comply with the MN mask mandate we are currently under, however, the children in these classes will not be required to wear a mask.  Last but not least, one additional change we are adding is that we request that you provide a cell phone number when you drop-off your child, so that we could reach you during service.  In the unlikely event that we would need to, we would send you a quick text to please come back into the building.  


      The plan for our Kindergarten through 5th Grade kids is we will be “dismissing” them immediately following outdoor worship, at which time our K-5th Small Group Volunteers will escort them to the opposite side of the church building (playground side) for their small group teaching time.  While you are listening to sermon on one side of the building, they will be learning the word of God, connecting with their friends and small group leaders, playing games and completing activities related to their “Orange” weekend curriculum content.  In addition, since we will be outside, please make sure that your child is dressed in weather appropriate clothing each Sunday.  (If rain is in the forecast, there will be an official “all church” announcement that will be made the morning of any rainy Sunday.)  Also, being outside means that we of course won’t be able to watch our curriculum videos with your children, so the curriculum link will still be shared each weekend via Facebook so that you all can continue to enjoy those as a family, whenever it fits into your family’s schedule.   


     Lastly, we do understand that some families may not be ready to have their children participate in a “group” children’s ministry format yet and so we will still be providing our Sunday activity bags for any children who will continue sitting with their parents during the sermon outside.  Whatever you choose to be right for your family, we always want you to know that we love and care for your children.  We always want them to feel like they are our priority and that they are dearly loved.  Jesus Himself prioritized children and we strive to follow His example in all things.