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Church Membership

Establish Your Roots

We encourage those who have made the commitment to give, attend, pray, and serve at Riverwood to become members. According to our constitution, “Membership in the church is granted on application to those who through faith in God’s Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, have been born anew to a living hope, have been baptized according to the Holy Scriptures, desire to live a Christian life, and promise to support the total ministry of the church and to share its fellowship and obligations.” 

Being a member of a church is like being a member of your family. As a member of your church family you are asked to support your church family as you would your biological family. This means supporting your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ by loving them, caring for them, serving them and praying for them. It also means supporting your church by giving financially and with service, attending church on a regular basis so that you stay connected to God and your church family, and upholding your church in prayer.
Fill out the church membership application here: Membership Application
Current Members: Membership is renewed annually. You can fill out the Membership renewal here: Membership Renewal

What members can expect from the church:

As a member of Riverwood, you will have full voice in the decisions of the church, including approval of budgets, and calling of pastors. You will be kept informed of all activities, meetings, and events. Members should expect to find great joy in serving with other Christians in the ministry of Jesus Christ. Members can also expect to be loved, cared for, prayed for, and taught God’s Word within a healthy church family.

What the church expects from its members:

Being a member at Riverwood is a wonderful experience! It also brings responsibilities on the part of the member just like in a family. Our by-laws state, “the members of this church do covenant together by God’s grace to live lives in a manner consistent with the standards of Biblical teaching, including the support of this local ministry in attendance, prayer, service, and giving; to live lives in word and deed that are an encouragement to others; to know and be like Jesus Christ; to reflect in all our relationships the servant love of our Lord; and to support the broader mission of Christ through the Regional Conference and Covenant.”
(More information on the Covenant can be found here.)


Next steps toward becoming a member:

If you feel called to membership at Riverwood, there are a few steps to complete. First, complete the online membership application (link above). Once reviewed by the board, you will be invited to a membership class. After completing the class, you will then meet with a committee of the Leadership Board and Pastor for a brief faith testimony. Your names will be released to the congregation for no less than 10 days, then the Leadership Board will vote on your membership. Finally, you will be welcomed to the congregation! This may seem like a lot but as stated above, membership is an important decision for both parties and should not be taken lightly. We look forward to welcoming you to our Riverwood Family.