The IMAGINE Campaign is funding Riverwood’s 3-year vision for the church;

  • Connect the Next Generation: Build up our Elevate Student Ministries & Children’s Ministries to develop authentic faith and community for students
  • Grow Adults: Deepen faithfulness and leadership capacity of our adults to both serve and lead Riverwood into the future
  • Reach the Lost and Hurting: build a stronger community & world for Christ.
Results (so far 🙂 )
Total Received/Pledged: $381,000 over 3 years!
Phase I: $270,000. Fully funded in November 2017.
  • Elevate Student Ministries full-time position $165,000 over 3 years ♦ 100% funded
  • Church Planting through the ECC $25,000 ♦ $25k Funding Completed
  • Life Renewal Church $20,000 ♦ $20k Funding Completed
  • Pulse Twin Cities $5,000 ♦ $5k Funding Completed
  • Highway 55 Signage $35,000 ♦ Q4 2018
  • Blueprints/Drawings of Building Addition $20,000 ♦ Q4 2018
Results of Phase I:
  • Elevate Student Ministries has more than doubled from 50 students to well over 100 students in the first 6 months after this funding… with a record 150+ on May 16th, 2018.  And this is just the beginning. Elevate is reaching our Riverwood students as well as unchurched and hard-to-reach students from our community.  The number of students living out their faith has also grown dramatically, in part through small group discipleship.  Student groups where leaders and peers show what authentic faith looks like is contagious!!  THANK YOU FOR FUNDING ELEVATE!!! 
  • Pulse Twin Cities: Over 100 Elevate students and leaders, in two buses, drove to USBank Stadium on May 18, 2018 for a historic evangelistic event with sixty-three thousand in attendance.  Life-change.  Thank you for funding $5,000 in support for Pulse Twin Cities.
  • Church Planting:  Mike Brown oversees church planting for the Evangelical Covenant Church – Northwest Conference.  When Mike received our $25,000 check for this initiative, he wrote this letter to the Riverwood family – WOW!!  A must-read:  Mike Brown Letter
Phase II: $430,000. We are well on our way to funding Phase II.
  • Fund 3000 square foot addition to the church. $450,000.
    • $20,000 of the $450,000 total cost is in Phase I
    • Space is one of the biggest limiters to growth for Riverwood. Our Next Generation ministry serves over 70 children each Sunday, and well over 100 students on Wednesday nights. This funding will provide space for our Next Generation – large room, breakout rooms, classrooms and restrooms.
Phase III: $382,000. Just IMAGINE.
  • Grow Adults
    • Strengthen, heal and transform marriages – Scholarship for 30 couples to attend the Family Life Marriage Conference.
    • Many families and individuals find themselves in financial bondage. Allow 100 families to move toward financial freedom with half scholarships to attend Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey.
    • The church rises and falls on leadership, and a healthy church is led by healthy leaders. 30 leaders attend 20 hours of training, enrichment programs, and worship.
  • Secure our Financial Position
    • Creating a financial reserve to absorb the fluctuations in irregular giving and expense patterns. Shorten long-term obligations of the mortgage. 
  • Reach our Community and World
    • Create awareness, information, interest and momentum for ministry via an on-line and printed presence, reaching 5,000 to 8,000 households.
    • Impact 75,000 different people per week with Riverwood messaging on an electronic sign by Highway 55.
    • Provide funding towards a 1,000+ seat auditorium and church facility, serving 2,000+ people per month for Life Renewal Ministries in Northeastern Uganda.
    • Partner with MADI’s Hope House to fund a security wall and make repairs to impact the well-being of 60 children.
    • Partner with SonScape Retreats to provide our missionaries time to renew and invest in their marriages and their commitment to serving.