Riverwood Covenant Church began in the late 90’s because Plymouth Covenant Church Imagined what it would be like to have an impact in the Rockford/Greenfield area. That Imagined opportunity became reality in 2002, when Riverwood officially chartered as a congregation of the Evangelical Covenant Church.
The growing church began to Imagine what it would be like to be a body that connects with God and others, grows in Christ, and reaches the lost and hurting. We organized around those ideas, knowing that “the only thing that counts is faith, expressing itself in love” (Gal. 5:6).
Then we began to Imagine how we could impact the community, and in 2010 launched RiverWorks Community Development Organization, now serving hundreds each month in the area. Then the congregation Imagined having a place to call home, and built our first building in 2012. The congregation Imagined increasing in impact, and it grew to more than triple in size.
God has birthed new dreams, and now we are Imagining again. We are raising funds and building ministry to bring this Imagining to reality!
We invite you to be part of this awesome, God-inspired opportunity!
What is the Imagine Capital Campaign

The IMAGINE Campaign is funding Riverwood’s BOLD vision for the church;

  • Connect the Next Generation: Build up our Elevate Student Ministries & Children’s Ministries to develop authentic faith and community for students
  • Grow Adults: Deepen faithfulness and leadership capacity of our adults to both serve and lead Riverwood into the future
  • Reach the Lost and Hurting: build a stronger community & world for Christ.
It is an opportunity for us to invest in the future. It’s a time to be generous, to give our limited resources to an unlimited God, and to come face to face with His provision and blessings. It’s an occasion to not only dream, but to be part of something much bigger than ourselves, and that is preparing the youth and adults of today for a transformational future.
Imagine CONNECTING – the Next Generation with God and in Community.
Because we have one of the fastest growing Youth Ministries in the state, we need more SPACE and
STAFF to scale our ability to help build authentic, saving faith in students and connecting them in community
Imagine GROWING our Adults…
Imagine REACHING People for Christ…
What Can I Do Now?
This is a defining moment for Riverwood Covenant Church and our community. Pray God would create in us an audacious faith that is lived out with great humility, courage and unity.
Commit to being here on Sunday mornings and engage with Riverwood.
Reflect on God’s grace, forgiveness and love. Be reminded of His great power. Ask your Father in Heaven to refine you and ready you, for what He wants to do through you and through our Church.