Devoted Series Resources
Our fall series “Devoted” has a lot of extra resources! We have something just about every day: the Devoted Dailies, plus other events and opportunities. Check out the resources here!
Week 1: Devoted, September 13th-19th
Worship each night at 7 pm on Facebook:
Week 2: Devoted to Prayer, September 20th-26th
24/7 Prayer for the whole week! Sign up here:
Prayer at the State Capitol: Saturday, September 26th. Meet at 1:00 pm at Riverwood to carpool, or meet on the front lawn of the Capitol at 2:00 pm. Look for the yellow balloons!
Week 3: Devoted to Teaching, September 27th-October 3rd
Seminars offered on Sunday during service – sign up here:
Devotion on Spiritual Formation each night at 7 pm on Facebook
Prayer meeting at 38th & Chicago in Minneapolis – details to come
Week 4: Devoted to Fellowship, October 4th-10th
Bonfire Fellowship at various locations – sign up here:
National Night Out – Tuesday, October 6th
Week 5: Devoted to Communion, October 11th-17th
Communion during Sunday Service
Live communion service each night at 7 pm on Facebook
Week 6: Devoted to Generosity, October 18th-24th
Information from RiverWorks and Safe Families during Sunday Service
Sell & Give – sell things and donate proceeds to benevolence
Week 7: Devoted to Salvation, October 25th
Invite Pray for 5 friends to church
Evangelism training after service, followed by street evangelism!