Devoted Series Resources
Our fall series “Devoted” has a lot of extra resources! We have something just about every day: the Devoted Dailies, plus other events and opportunities. Check out the resources here!
Week 1: Devoted, September 13th-19th
Worship each night at 7 pm on Facebook:
Week 2: Devoted to Prayer, September 20th-26th
24/7 Prayer for the whole week! Sign up here:
Prayer at the State Capitol: Saturday, September 26th. Meet at 1:00 pm at Riverwood to carpool, or meet on the front lawn of the Capitol at 2:00 pm. Look for the yellow balloons!
Week 3: Devoted to Teaching, September 27th-October 3rd
Seminars offered on Sunday during service – sign up here:
Devotion on Spiritual Formation each night at 7 pm on Facebook
Week 4: Devoted to Fellowship, October 4th-10th
Bonfire Fellowship at various locations – sign up here:
National Night Out – Tuesday, October 6th
Week 5: Devoted to Communion, October 11th-17th
Communion during Sunday Service
Communion resources each night at 7 pm on Facebook
Week 6: Devoted to Generosity, October 18th-24th
Information from RiverWorks, Safe Families, and Forgotten Harvest during Sunday Service
Sign up for the Safe Families Presentation on Thursday, October 22nd at 6 pm at Riverwood:
Give online to the benevolence fund (helps families in our church and community):
Ways to be generous throughout the week:
Sunday: Tell someone you are grateful for them and why.
Monday: Bring breakfast/coffee/tea for people at your workplace.
Tuesday: Buy a gift card and give it to someone OR volunteer your time to help someone do something.
Wednesday: Write words of encouragement on post-its and leave them in random places.
Thursday: Be generous with your prayer time/Ask to pray with someone.
Friday: Take time to be present and give someone your full attention when they are talking to you.
Saturday: Make dinner for your neighbor and bring it to them.
Devoted to Generosity Ministries:
RiverWorks Community Development:
Sign up for the Safe Families Presentation on Thursday, October 22nd at 6 pm at Riverwood:
Information on the University of Minnesota Organ Transplant Program:
Week 7: Devoted to Salvation, October 25th
Invite Pray for 5 friends to church, testimonies from Riverwood friends during Sunday Service
Evangelism Training
Sunday, November 1st, 12:30-4:30 pm
 As part of our Devoted series, we are hosting a training to help be Devoted to Salvation! The reviveMINNESOTA team is honored and excited to be leading a training here at Riverwood Church November 1 from 12:30-4:30 pm to help us gain some practical skills in engaging people with Christ’s love and sharing the Gospel. Lunch will be provided and after training, we will go out in teams to offer prayer and share the Gospel. Fear not! Each team will have an experienced leader. You may just observe and pray silently for the encounters. Please register by Friday, October 30th and join us for this exciting time and have fun! Sign up here: