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January 20th

1 Peter: Begin with Hope


Sermon: Holy Living 

Peter shows us that being a person of excellence is formed from the inside out.  Knowing who we are in Christ helps us offer hope to a world in desperate need.  We cooperate with God by taking seriously the call to rid ourselves of distractions that would keep us from following Jesus wholeheartedly. Join us to learn more about freedom to be excellent and loving people in hope. 
1 Peter 2: 1-12

January 27th

1 Peter: Begin with Hope


Sermon: Honor Those in Authority

 As the people of God, we display the good news of Christ through submission to the authorities in our lives. We have the hope of Christ that cannot be tamed by any ruling authority, and as such we can honor them as God leads.
1 Peter 2: 13- 25

February 3rd

1 Peter: Begin with Hope


Sermon: Hope for Marriage

There is hope for your marriage! Join us to see what God says through the apostle Peter about living together in unity. Pastor Keith and his wife Amy will deliver this message together. 
1 Peter 3: 1-13
Pastor Keith Robinson often refers to the “Squares” or “Life in the Squares” during his messages.  
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