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August 2014 was a life changing month for many people locally and across the world. Riverwood sent a team of six people to Uganda, Africa with Funwi Tita, President of Making a Difference International.  They went on this mission to Connect, Grow and Reach the people of Uganda. They did that and so much more!
They connected with families, single parents, teens, youth, orphans, alcoholics and many more.
They grew in their connection with God by relying on him to use them to be his hands and feet in a country and culture that was all new to them.  
They reached the lost by sharing God’s love and salvation message and many received Christ as their savior as a result.  They reached the hurting by giving medical aid to the wounded and sick.  This was an experience that changed the lives of many.  
Riverwood and Making a Difference International have decided this is not just a one time thing. There is much to be done for the people of Uganda and even though we are not there in person we are working hard to continue to connect, grow, and reach those while here in the U.S.
A few of the projects we are working on…
Almost all sickness and wound infections come simply because there is no clean water close.  The people of Seroti and Kumi often walk several miles one way to get water and that water may not always truly be safe to drink. Riverwood has teamed up with Making a Difference International to raise funds for a wells to bring clean, safe drinking water to those who are incredibly thirsty and ill. It costs about $10,000 for a well to be put in. Our team is selling rocks from Uganda that came from the site that the well will be built for $100 a rock. If you would like to support this cause please contact the church office and we can help you.  UPDATE (9/26/14):  We have one well paid for.  Let’s get another!!!
 UPDATE (12/3/14):  The well has been completed!
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“The Hope House”.
 Making a Difference International, Inc. has purchased a building that will be used to care for and support young people that have no home or come from abusive situations that they need to leave. The building will be able to house 8-12 youth at a time. The vision of The Hope House is to provide food, love, medical care, education and counseling to youth so they have hope for their future. Structurally the building is good however it needs plenty of work. It needs a new roof, new sheet rock, new plumbing, new wiring and some landscaping work. There is access to the materials but funds are needed to purchase them. If you would like to donate funds to help the Hope House please contact the church office and we can help you do so.
If you would like more information about upcoming mission trips, whether it is for you to go or for you to help is someway here in MN, please contact the office so that we can keep you updated when new information is available. Please also view the resources below to help you in becoming informed about missions in Uganda.
For more information on MADI’s Uganda mission trip visit their website