Campaign Overview
Connect and Reach // $270,000
IMAGINE will impact the well-being of children and youth globally, regionally and locally. It will also provide funding towards Covenant Church planting to reach people for Christ.
• Partner with MADI’s Hope House to fund a security wall and make repairs to impact the well-being of 60 children.
• Support the growing Riverwood Covenant Church youth ministry with full-time support.
• The U.S. unchurched population is the largest mission field in the English-speaking world and the third largest globally. Funding to launch a new church through Covenant Church Properties resulting in 30+ first-time commitments to Christ, and at least 200 people returning to church.
• Funding towards largest youth outreach in Minnesota history, PULSE Conference. 5,000 students come to Christ. 100 students from Riverwood attending.
Connect // $450,000
Currently, our Next Generation ministry serves over 70 children each Sunday, and over 50 youth on Wednesday nights. The issue is space.
IMAGINE’S next focus will be providing space for this growing group.  
• Space for youth – large room, breakout rooms, and restrooms.
Grow and Reach // $362,000
IMAGINE will focus on growing Christlike marriages and leaders through ministries, conferences and retreats.  These and other ministries will be shared via an increased social media presence, traditional mailings of printed materials, and an outdoor electronic message board sign near Highway 55 – creating awareness and interest in what’s going on at Riverwood Covenant Church.  There will also be a global focus partnering with Life Renewal Ministries in Northeastern Uganda for a church facility and 1,000+ seat auditorium.
• Strengthen, heal and transform marriages – Scholarship for 30 couples to attend the Family Life Marriage Conference.
• Partner with SonScape Retreats to provide our missionaries time to renew and invest in their marriages and their commitment to serving.
• Many families and individuals find themselves in financial bondage. Allow 100 families to move toward financial freedom with half scholarships to attend Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey.
• The church rises and falls on leadership, and a healthy church is led by healthy leaders. 30 leaders attend 20 hours of training, enrichment programs, and worship.
• Allow timely funding of ministries by creating a financial reserve to absorb the fluctuations in irregular giving and expense patterns.
• Shorten long-term obligations of the mortgage.
• Create awareness, information, interest and momentum for ministry via an on-line and printed presence, reaching 5,000
to 8,000 households.
• Impact 75,000 different people per week with Riverwood messaging on an electronic sign by Highway 55.
• Provide funding towards a 1,000+ seat auditorium and church facility, serving 2,000+ people per month for Life Renewal Ministries in Northeastern Uganda.