Imagine Campaign Focus Details
CONNECT – the Next Generation
Riverwood Covenant Church moved into our own facility a little over 5 years ago. The Lord has graciously allowed us an awesome place to do ministry! While we love having this facility, the understanding from the beginning was that it would be the first phase of the site. Currently, our next generation ministry serves over 70 children each Sunday, and over 50 youth on Wednesday evenings. The issue is space. We need dedicated space to accommodate the specialized needs of this growing group. Imagine will bring a 3,000 square foot addition to the facility, dedicated for this purpose. This will be a large meeting room, break out rooms and restrooms. Cost: $450,000
Most people who come to Christ do so before age 18. Elevate student ministries of Riverwood currently reaches 50+ students in grades 6-12 each week. This ministry presents Christ in deeply powerful ways – in worship, small groups, around weekly dinner, through high energy games and activities. This ministry is growing and needs full-time support to sustain growth. A full-time director and dedicated space will enable us to reach an additional 200 students over the next 3 years. Imagine will provide funding for the first three years of a full-time student ministries director salary. Cost: $165,000
GROW – Adults
Marriage Ministry
Cultural trends cause pressure, forcing relational fracture lines to become devastating divisions which destroy marriages. We see this occur in and outside the church. 50% of marriages end in divorce. Imagine marriages being prepared for, strengthened, healed and transformed. The blessing of healthy marriages serves the present generation, and those to follow as well. We believe this kind of ministry will save at least 10 marriages and strengthen and improve at least another 30, keeping them strong and healthy. With this in mind, Imagine will provide funding to launch a new ministry designed to serve marriages, and will also scholarship 10 couples per year to attend the Family Life Marriage Conference. Cost: $15,000
Personal Finance Ministry
In today’s culture, many families and individuals find themselves in financial bondage. This deeply impacts financial leverage, and contributes to stressful relationships. This is not God’s best plan! Imagine individuals and families with financial ability and stability to be generous and stress free in this area of life! We believe this ministry will allow 100 families to move toward financial freedom, which will likely release at least an additional $300,000 towards kingdom causes over the next three years. Imagine will provide half scholarships to 33 couples/individuals per year to attend Financial Peace University taught by Dave Ramsey. Cost $5,000
Leadership Training
It has been said that the church rises and falls on leadership, and a healthy church is led by healthy leaders. One way to promote health in leaders is to provide them with training and encouragement that comes from being in a great environment together. Imagine the impact on the church, having Riverwood leaders living healthy, encouraged, Christ-centered lives; those who are trained well, committed to Christ, family and Church! We believe this will allow 30 leaders to attend a total of 20 hours of training, enrichment programs, and worship. To assist and support our leaders in this way, Imagine is committing $15,000 over three years for leaders to attend a conference such as the Thrive conference in Sacramento. Cost: $15,000
REACH – Locally
Local Marketing Efforts
Social media and printed materials create awareness, information, interest and momentum for ministry. Great promotional efforts like these enhance the likelihood of individuals becoming informed about and involved in the ministries of Riverwood. Imagine up-to-date materials
and social media presence readily available for those interested in Riverwood to get accurate, attractive informational and motivational, and even devotional materials. We believe this will increase our online presence to over 5,000 people, and reach 8,000 households four times per year with mailings related to church ministries. Imagine will provide targeted staff support and resources to develop and execute this priority. Cost: $30,000 Electronic Sign by Highway 55 Riverwood is located on Highway 55. 30,000 vehicles per day travel past the property. Imagine people gaining information about Riverwood as they travel the highway each day! We believe this sign will impact at least 75,000 different people per week with messaging about Riverwood. Knowing that this is a great opportunity to promote the message of Riverwood out, Imagine will provide a beautiful, functional sign to inform and encourage these travelers to be part of God’s work at Riverwood! Cost: $35,000
Retirement of Mortgage Debt
We have been in the building for over 5 years. This is a great place for ministry! The first years in the building, we paid “interest only” on the mortgage. For the past two years, we have made full payments; our mortgage balance stands at $2.1 million. Imagine what would happen if we reduced the debt by $150,000 or more! This would shorten our long-term obligations, and free up more money to do ministry here and around the world! We believe we can shorten the repayment schedule by at least 1.6 years, which saves the church over $130,000 in long-term interest. Cost: $150,000
Financial Reserve
Sometimes churches face challenges of unexpected expenses or short term financial short falls. This can be very unsettling, causing disruption to ministry efforts. This situation could be eliminated by means of a financial reserve to absorb the fluctuations in irregular giving and expense patterns. Imagine not having concerns about how ministry will be impacted by financial uneasiness, a fully resourced ministry! This reserve allows us to timely fully fund each of our budgeted priorities. This past year we have had to cut 50% of ministry budget due to cash flow reasons. Toward this end, Imagine sets aside funds over 3 years to provide a financial reserve. Cost $50,000
REACH – Regionally
Covenant Church Planting
The most effective way to reach people for Christ is through planting new churches. In Covenant church plants, there is an average of 12 conversions to Christ per 100 people. The U.S. unchurched population is the largest mission field in the English-speaking world and the third largest globally, so the opportunity is great. The Northwest Conference of the Covenant is planting 50 new churches by 2025. Imagine a significant partnership with the Northwest Conference to reach people through starting a new church! This funding will launch a new church, which will likely result in 30 or more first-time commitments to Christ, and at least 200 people returning to church in the next three years. Cost: $50,000
PULSE Conference
Churches in the Twin Cities area are coming together for a season of prayer, training, and outreach – culminating with the PULSE conference – the largest youth outreach in MN history, at U.S. Bank Stadium in May 2018. The goal is to fill all 66,200 seats with people who need Jesus! Imagine thousands of youth and young adults attending an event that will unite the regional church community and bring the good news of Jesus in a large-scale way. We believe that at least 5,000 students will come to Christ at this event, with at least 100 students attending from Riverwood. Cost: $5,000
REACH – Globally
Hope House, Uganda
Making a Difference, International (MADI) serves among the most vulnerable populations in Eastern Uganda, providing care, education and sponsorship for children. This growing ministry has purchased a home (called the “Hope House” in Soroti) to house children in transition at especially difficult times in their lives. The Hope House is in need of renovation before it can receive children. Imagine these children being well cared for; meals, a bed, loving community, education and spiritual encouragement in a safe, clean, well-equipped
home! We believe this will impact the well-being of 60 children over the next three years. Because we value these young lives, and want to serve the most vulnerable, Imagine is providing funding to build a security wall and make needed initial repairs to the facility. Cost: $50,000
Life Renewal Church, Uganda
Riverwood has become very good friends with Pastor Joseph Eletu in Soroti, Uganda. Pastor Joseph’s church – Life Renewal Church – meets in an open-air pavilion, and needs a permanent facility for the ministry. Imagine a 1,000+ seat auditorium and church facility which will be a place of worship, community outreach, education, and service. It will be the largest church facility in Northeastern Uganda, serving at least 2,000 people per month through various ministries and programs. Riverwood joyfully expresses partnership with Life Renewal Ministries through Imagine – providing $50,000 towards this worthy project (total cost of $175,000-200,000). Cost: $50,000
Supporting Marriages of our Missionaries
Riverwood supports four Missionary families locally and abroad. Missionaries face many pressures and marriages don’t always get the attention they need. Imagine is partnering with SonScape Retreats in Colorado to attend a week-long retreat to encourage and resource these precious couples! These servants of the Lord will have stronger marriages, deeper connection to Christ, and a renewed commitment to serving the Lord in their places of ministry. Cost: $12,000
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. Ephesians 3:20-21 NIV
Can I Give Online?
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Can I Give Via Text?
Yes, text to: 28950. Include in your message the keyword “RCCIMAGINE” and the donation amount. (example for $100 to Imagine: RCCIMAGINE 100) Press Send. Follow prompts to register if it is your first time giving this way.