“The First Noel”
Sunday, December 17th at both services
December 3rd: after 2nd service. We will feed the kids pizza and then go through the program 2 times. You are welcome to stay or can sign you child in and back out again when you pick them up at 2:00 pm. For K-5th grade only!
December 10th: we will provide a snack during their Sunday School lesson time, and after 2nd service will quickly run through the program one time on stage. Kids can go home with their parents, will be done by 1:00 pm. For both Pre-K and K-5 grade!
December 17th: children perform at both services.
The students now know what characters they will be. Costumes can be worn to both rehearsals if you have them.
Can be homemade or ordered. Most of the girls are angels. We have gold halos for the girls and will give them out at rehearsal this Sunday. They can wear a white shirt, dress, or gown. Wings are optional. Many parents are ordering angel costumes from Oriental Trading Company. They still have free shipping and angel costumes for a low cost.
Many of the boys are shepherds. Costumes can be homemade or ordered from Oriental Trading Company as well. A staff would be great!
Gabriel, Wiseman, Herod, Scribe, Mary, and Joseph: if you have your own costume, great! If not, we will work together to come up with costumes.
If you have any questions, contact Lynn Sommerstad or Kim Jackson.